How frequently the engine oil should be changed?
AIt is best to get the engine oil changed in every three months or after the completion of every 5000 kilometers. Although there are certain vehicles, especially the newly launched models, that require frequent oil changes. We at Auto Tent ensure the best time for the oil change that is appropriate for the vehicle and do it with great expertise.
Is it important to get winter tires?
AYes, it is important to have winter tires as they are designed to excel in cold temperatures, ice, snow, and slush. It is evident that the modern technology like traction control and ABS do not provide enough traction. Winter tires are considered best to increase the traction as well as grip and control of the vehicle. So don’t be in dilemma and get winter tires.
What is the best way to know that the vehicle requires an overhaul?
AThere are different parameters to know when your vehicle needs some tune up and one of the most important tips is to check out the owner’s manual that comes with the vehicle. It will suggest you that at what mileage level your vehicle should get a tune-up. Apart from that, there will be fall in the mileage, the car will run rough and the engine light will come out.
Shouldn’t I take the car only to the dealership and not to any other professional store?
AIt is not that important to take the car to the dealer to for the maintenance of the car. It is true that the professionals working at the dealership are extremely conversant, but at the same time, we at Auto Tent also have the access to the ability and information that they have. In addition, the mechanics at Auto Tent have access to wide range of techniques for auto repair.
Why the color of my engine oil has changed to milky brown?
AMilky brown engine oil is a solid signal of the coolant in the oil. It is mainly caused because of a blown head washer or of any other gasket, cracked casings or even for filature in the transmission cooler. Car owners should take this condition very seriously they should immediately get in touch with the expert mechanics to get the problem solved.
Can I get a rental car until it is in repairing center?
AIn case you need a rental car, we would be more than happy to help you in that particular regard by making relevant arrangements. But it is important to mention that it entirely depends on the insurance companies. If the policy papers have such option and if you are the claimant, you can avail the same. Still, make sure to check out the rental coverage.

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