Maintenance of your vehicle is more like keeping a close check on the healthy lifestyle of your family members. Although, some people find car maintenance quite intimidating but the tips below will make it way easier for them.

Opt for Exterior Cleaning

Opting for detailing under the hood has always easy and effective and it ensures that everything is operating smoothly.
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Clear the Wheels of the Car

It is always best to keep the wheels in top condition. Make use of some DIY measures along with some effort to keep in clean.
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Take Proper Care of the Battery

Make use of DIY tips to keep the battery in top shape and to enhance the life of the same.
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Check Windshield at Frequently

Determine whether the windshield required to be repaired or replaced? Opt for professional instead of doing it by yourself.
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Get Rid of Scratches and Dents

Consult with the professional mechanics to get rid of the scratches and dents to make your look new and trendy.
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Learn About Oil Filter & its Mechanism

Oil filters are always important for the smooth running of the engine. Learn important facts about oil and filter and how they work from the expert mechanics.
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Don’t Miss Out to Detail the Vehicle

Whether it is dusty air vents or wheels, keep them clean by detailing of the car at regular interval of time.
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  • Fix Scratches on Your Vehicle

    Dents or scratches are not very pleasing to watch out for and they ruin the sharp and elegant outlook of the vehicle. Check out the video to know how you can get rid of the scratches on your vehicle by using some effective DIY tips.

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  • Diagnosing the Problems in Engine

    Diagnosing the problems of the engine involve a lot of things ranging from checking the vacuum lines, spark plug wires, battery and lot more. Check out how to identify the problems in the engine without using the inexpensive equipment.

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  • Changing the Oil and its Filter

    Changing engine oil and its filter is one of the essential tasks that every car owner should do. It helps in enhancing the overall life of the engine. The video deals with step by step detailed instructions for the owners who want to do it on their own.

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  • Changing Coolant

    The cooling system of any given vehicle plays an important and in case it gets contaminated, there is a possibility that it will damage the internal parts of the engine.

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  • Replace Old Rotors and Brake Pads with New One

    If you haven’t changed the new brake pads or rotors of the vehicle, this video will offer you with step by step guide to make it easy for you. You will be able to save money and will be allowed to do the right job.

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